2019 June: Abundant Flowers

Scroll down to see list of 75 plants blooming on 2019 June 24


California poppies, wild red rose, Oriental poppies, purple iris, & tomato plants in water wall -- inner garden north end.


Snowall bush, snow-in-summer, columbines -- inner garden west.


June 2: creeping phlox, purple creeping thyme, & snow-in-summer. Entry walk


June 16: columbine, purple creeping thyme, snow-in-summer

No longer just dreaming of



Wild red and yellow [maybe Harrison?] roses

yellow-chairsYellow chairs ready for sitting & annual pots

Plants blooming 2019 June 24: alpine aster, creeping baby’s breath, bee plant, bishop’s weed, blanket flower (gaillardia), buttercups (creeping and tall), candytuff iberis, sand cherry, chives, cinquefoil, clematis, columbine, corn flower (centaurea), creeping Charlie, gloriosa daisy, ox-eye daisy, delphinium, dianthus (several including red fire witch), blue fleabane, blue flax, crane’s bill geraniuim, geum, goat’s beard, short golden rod, miniature white hollyhock, ice plant, yellow false indigo, iris, Johnny jump up, munstead lavender, purple and white lilacs, Stella d’ora lily, lobelia, purple lupine, amur maple, silver leaf dwarf marguerite, marigolds, meadow anemone, mock orange, nasturtium, pansy, penstemon, petunia, pink creeping phlox, California poppy, Icelandic poppy, oriental poppy, Shirley poppy, poppy mallow, Missouri primrose, red climging rose, wild yellow and red roses, wild pink roses, Maynight and meadow sage, yellow sedum, silver lace vine, snow ball bush, snow in summer, soapwort, purple spiderwort, white tansy, creeping thyme, creeping Veronica, tall bue Veronica, and red and pink yarrow.