2019 July: Still Lots of Flowers

Scroll down to see list of 68 plants blooming on 2019 July 26


New shade: orange trollius, blue delphinium, tall white Shasta daisies in back, and blue/purple fleabane

well houset

Well house garden: pink and red yarrow, blue sea holly, yellow/red blanket flower, and yellow sun flowers


Orange trolliius (globe flower) & white queen of the meadow

sea holly

Sea holly: my favorite thistle -- Martian looking!

July --
almost no rain this month



rock garden

Rock garden


Plants blooming 2019 June 24: white baby’s breath, pink bee plant, blanket flower (gaillardia), buckwheat, lavendar chrysanthemums, cinquefoil, clematis, columbine, creeping Charlie, gloriosa daisy, delphinium, dianthus (several including red fire witch),dusty miller, blue fleabane, crane’s bill geraniuim, short golden rod, heliopsis, hens and shicks, sea holly, miniature white & pink hollyhocks, ice plant, Johnny jump up, munstead lavender, sea lavender, Stella d’ora lily, yellow/pink/red lilies,lobelia, lithrium, silver leaf dwarf marguerite, marigolds,Maltese cross, nasturtium, pansy, penstemon, petunia, California poppy, Icelandic poppy, Shirley poppy, poppy mallow, Missouri primrose, red climging rose, Maynight and meadow sage, meadow rue, yellow & pink sedum, silver lace vine, soapwort, blue mist spirea, white tansy, creeping thyme, creeping Veronica, tall blue & white Veronica, and red and pink yarrow.