2019 May-- The garden is greening up, a bit later than usual

April 15: Lots of green bits showing up in the garden.

Blooming now: Single Almond, Double flower Almond (Tea Rose of China), Canada Choke Cherry Tree,
chives, Crabapple - Robinson and Hopa, Crabapple - Spring Snow, Creeping Charlie, Cushion Spurge,
Daffodils, Blue flax, Golden Banner, Gooseberry, Honeysuckle - Bush Arnold's Red,
Grape Hyacinth, Johnny Jum Up, Jonquils, Purple Lilac, White Lilac, Silver Leaf Marguerite,
Meadow Anemone, Crreping Phlox -- lavendar & pink, Icelandic Poppy,
Bird's Eye Primrose, Pussytoes, Snow in Summer, Creeping Thyme, Tulips - yellow & red
Creeping Veronica, Violets

More photos soon!