2019 September: Nearing the End of the Season!

Scroll down to see list of 42 plants blooming on 2019 Sept 12


Plants blooming 2019 September 12: tall fall asters, white creeping baby’s breath, blanket flower (gaillardia), lavendar chrysanthemums, chives, cinquefoil, columbine, cosmos, gloriosa daisy, Maximillian Santa Fe Daisy, blue butterfly delphinium, dianthus,fern bush, crane’s bill geraniuim, tall golden rod, heliopsis, hens and chicks, sea holly, miniature pink hollyhocks, hardy yellow ice plant, Johnny jump up, sea lavender, nasturtium, petunia, California poppy, Shirley poppy, poppy mallow, Missouri primrose, Maynight and meadow sage, culinary sage, Russian sage, silver lace vine, pink yarrow.