2020 June 21: Happy Weird Summer in Alamosa!

Below photos: list of the 64 plants blooming today

It's been a crazy season! We still have only had less than 1 inch of precipation this year. I've never seen such repeatedly high winds. Also, we've gone between record highs in May along with a freeze on June 20. Wow!

whiskey barrel



Above left: whiskey barrels are starting to look good. Above right: still lots of columbines of many colors.

Left: Canada chokecherry tree leaves have turned redish. Pink yarrow and purple Veronica in foreground.

Above: Kannah buckwheat planted in 2019 survived our garden unfriendly winter and spring.


Plants blooming 2020 June 21:

white astilbe, white alpine aster, white baby's breath, white creeping baby's breath, pink native bee plant, purple clustered bellflower, bishop's weed, creeping yellow buttercups, tall yellow buttercups, yellow cinquefoil, white cinequefoil, purple clematis, many colors of columbine, magenta corn flowers , purple creeping Charlie,ox-eye daisy, pink & red & white dianthus, red osier dogwood, blue fleabane, magenta wild geranium, short golden rod, goat's beard, white minature hollyhocks, hardy yellow iceplant, Johnny jump ups, purple Lady's bells [will pull most], annual purple larkspur, yellow Stella d'ora, Maltese cross, yellow Marguerite , white meadow anemone, lavendar lobelia in pots, purchased pansies in pots, purple and pink penstemon, California poppies, yellow and orange Icelandic poppies, orange Oriental poppies, Shirley poppies,poppy mallow, MIssouri primrose, culinary sage, May night and meadow sage, red/yellow wild roses, pink wild woodsi roses, meadow rue, yellow sedum,white snow ball bush, snow in summer, white spirea, white tansy, purple creeping thyme, pink thrift, golden trollius, purple creeping Veronica, tall purple Veronica, pink and red yarrow