Phlox and Butterfly

It’s lavender and yellow perennial time

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by Marilyn Loser 2012 August 15 It’s lavender and yellow perennial time It’s that time of the year.  Flower beds are bursting with yellow and lavender perennial blooms and there’s a hint of fall in the cool morning air.  Where has the summer gone? Consistent with the entire summer, my garden blooms are ahead of …

Native Verbena

Native wildflowers in the garden

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by Marilyn Loser 2012 July 18 I love having native wildflowers in my Alamosa garden. I consider native wildflowers to be flowers native to Colorado (or New Mexico).  In my flower-garden lexicon the difference between a wildflower and a weed is whether I want it in my garden. For photos of wildflowers from our garden, …

June Bouquet

Self-sowing flowers

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by Marilyn Loser 2012 June 20 I’ve talked with quite a few gardeners who are planting more perennials in order to avoid the cost and hassle of replanting annuals each year. I’m certainly in this category.  However, I think many people overlook the joy and beauty of flowers that self sow. For these flowers, I …

Bleeding Hearts

Flowers are off to an early start

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by Marilyn Loser 2012 May 23 White blooming shrubs are now on display around Alamosa as spring flowering continues to be spectacular and early.  Snowmound Spirea (and other varieties), shrub honeysuckle, Nannyberry, and Saskatoon (service) Berry are in full bloom and Canada (choke) Cherries are just finishing.  I was asked if the Canada Cherries are …

Maximillian Sunflower

Fall flowers and bulb planting

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By Marilyn Loser 2012 Sept 26 The sun highlights the last bursts of fall color. Yellow Maximilian Sunflowers (helianthus maximilianii ‘Santa Fe’) stand tall at the back border, while the rosy pink blossoms of Autumn Joy Sedum (sedum telephium) make a splash at the front. I smile as I look at them, reminded of a …

April Tulips

Why Do Tulips Close at Night?

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by Marilyn Loser 2012 April 25 As I walked around my garden early this morning, I noticed the tulips that opened yesterday were tightly closed. Crocuses and dandelions (not that I have any in my yard!) exhibit similar behavior. I thought a quick search of the web would enlighten me, but it wasn’t quite that …